Q:  Do you provide engineering for Post Frame buildings?

A:  Yes that is exactly what we do! (In addition to providing other building code compliance services).  We provide engineering advice, calculations, and drawings to document a structurally sound building for use by builders and building owners to obtain their building permit.

Q:  Are you a full service Engineering Firm… What don’t you do?

A:  Windows, for one!  (Although the Microsoft kind I’m pretty decent with).  But we don’t offer engineering and design related to HVAC systems, electrical, plumbing, site grading or drainage plans, lighting plans, architectural landscaping plans, and we do not actually obtain the building permits. (So what’s left?  The building structure, finishes, and building code accessibility requirements… we focus on getting you the building information you need so that the local permit can be secured!)

If you have a question about whether or not we can help you, please send me an email and we can get started.  I will have an online form posted here in the future that you can fill out online for better service and it will help you and I get on the same page quickly to provide the proper information for you Post Frame or wood frame building.


Aaron Halberg, Professional Engineer