Halberg Engineering is becoming the preferred engineering consultant to the Post Frame Construction Industry.  Since 2002, many of Post Frame construction companies that do not have their own licensed engineer on staff have found Halberg Engineering to be that preferred source for their engineering needs.  If you need professional engineering services for one or more of your projects, Aaron Halberg has the experience, licenses, communication skills and the professional experience that you would want from your own engineering employee.

The ability to compete on specific commercial or other large projects without carrying the overhead of an engineering staff is immense for the builder.  In addition, the engineering fees will be quoted as a fixed price UP FRONT for most projects so the estimate is able to include the engineering fees in the building proposal right from the outset.

Sound like the engineer you’re looking for?  Contact Aaron to confirm whether or not Halberg Engineering’s capabilities are a good match for your needs.

In the Midwest, Great Lakes, Plains States, Mississippi Valley… and more?

Aaron Halberg is currently Licensed as a Professional Engineer in 13 states:  Alabama, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. Additional state licenses can be pursued, based on project demand.

The best way to communicate with Halberg Engineering is by e-mail (for most reliable response), but you can also call: 866-694-8602 or send a fax to 866-391-0916.   For all correspondence:

Halberg Engineering LLC
10335N Duffy Road
Hayward, WI 54843

Our response time for is usually less than 1 business day.  Because we operate a small business and to respect our time and yours, please provide the details about your project needs and we will do our best to develop the information you need to move forward with your construction project as soon as possible.

Specialists in Post Frame Engineering™